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founded by noam Gagnon | Vancouver, canada | Est. 2005






A private session is one in which the teacher works directly with a single student. Private sessions are an excellent way of introducing the fundamental principles of Pilates or the  Franklin Method to beginning students or to those practitioners who wish to gain a more thorough knowledge of the methodology.  

Mat work and the various Pilates apparatus can be incorporated into private Pilates sessions.  Student and teacher will work together to address specific areas of interest.

Please note we reserve the right to change teacher without prior notice.

Noam Gagnon is a special spirit — His studio is hard work but there’s laughter too. I remember his classes with gratitude and hope that I can return and learn more from a master teacher”
— Sir Ian McKellen (London, England)

Maintenance session - 55 mins

Our most popular session, the 55 minute long customized Pilates or Franklin Method workout is ideal as part of your ongoing maintenance program. Plan a group of these sessions to fast track your goals or combine Private sessions with Semi-Private or BP Independent sessions.

55 Minutes
$110 plus GST = $115.50

Off Site Maintenance Session- 55 Mins

55 Minutes

$200 plus GST = $210


intensive Maintenance Session - 85 mins

A comprehensive 85 minute long Pilates or Franklin Method workout customized to your fitness and performance goals.  These intensive sessions are also great for athletes training for competition.

85 Minutes
$155 plus GST = $162.75


Off Site Intensive Maintenance Session- 85 Mins

85 Minutes

$300 plus GST = $315

Skype Sessions

Wherever you are in the world you can still enjoy a great Pilates or Franklin Method workout via Skype with the instructor you know and trust. A Beyond Pilates teacher will be able to observe and guide you through an invigorating workout.

55 minutes
$110 plus GST = $115.50

85 minutes
$155 plus GST = $162.75

semi-Private session

After each individual has had their initial three to five private sessions, semi-private sessions can be arranged. Please ask your teacher about arranging for semi-private sessions, working out with partners or independent studio sessions.

Ideal for workout partners with similar levels of Pilates fitness and experience who enjoy working in a small group setting and would benefit from one another’s motivation.

Instruction is for two to three people (usually arranged between friends) wanting to learn similar things or focus on the same specific areas of interest (e.g. mat work, reformer).

Three to four private sessions are recommended prior to enrolling in a semi-private session. Semi-Private sessions are only booked when a small group has been established.

55 Minutes
2 people $ 70.00 plus GST = $73.50 each

3 people $ 60.00 plus GST = $63.00 each

Finding Noam and his unique perspective on Pilates has been the highlight of my 30-plus years of recovery and rehabilitation from a devastating stroke and several hip and pelvis fractures! Noam’s joyous playfulness masks a profound knowledge and respect for the human body and our ability not merely to heal but to dance! I strongly recommend taking advantage of his generosity of spirit if you possibly can!
— Bonnie Sherr Klein, MA, OC, Author:Slow Dance: A Story of Stroke, Love, and Disability; Filmmaker: Shameless: The Art of DisAbility.

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BP Supervised Open Gym Session

Open to all levels, Beyond Pilates Independent class sessions are unlike any group class you’ve taken before.

Learn the way Joseph Pilates intended: in small non-led group classes where practitioners work on their own individualized series of exercises, under the guidance and supervision of a Beyond Pilates teacher.

BP Independent class sessions are designed to allow you to gain independence and take control of your workout.

Pre-requisite: Participants must have a basic understanding of the Pilates repertoire in both mat and reformer. 

A minimum of one private session or consultation is required for all *new students* interested in taking part in BP Independent sessions.

New Classes Starting:
Saturday @ 10 am

7 People Maximum

55 Minutes
$50.00 plus GST = $52.50

*New Students*: Please CONTACT NOAM to set up a private consultation.

BP Full Body Conditioning Franklin Method Class

Open to all levels, Franklin Method classes are small group sessions guided by a Beyond Pilates teacher. 

Rather than teaching a specific set of exercises, the Franklin Method teaches how any movement can become a beneficial exercise if performed with good function. Through the use of imagery, benefits include increased power and efficiency of movement without risk of injury.

New Classes Starting:

Saturday @ 9 am

5 People Maximum

55 Minutes
$50.00 plus GST = $52.50

Please CONTACT NOAM if you have any question about this class.

BP Teachers Toolbox Lab Session

These sessions are intended for teachers, experienced practitioners and Pilates enthusiasts.

Each mini workshop begins with a 45 minute Pilates workout followed by questions, discussion and demonstrations focusing on various Classical Pilates topics that often arise in one’s own practice or teaching.

Pre-requisite: Pilates teachers, experienced practitioners or Pilates enthusiasts.

New Classes Starting:
Check the schedule for the days and times.

9 People Maximum

90 Minutes
$ 70 plus GST = $ 73.50

Please CONTACT NOAM if you have any questions about this class.

“I was trained in Russia as a gymnast as a child and have been athletic throughout my life until a car accident. After seeking treatment from many professionals, I have finally found the healer who is making me pain free and stronger and more flexible than ever. Very grateful for his caring, his passion and extraordinary skill- and of course, perhaps as important- the sessions are fun!
— Julia Roudakova




Franklin method workshop

Each workshop focuses on a unique theme or topic intended to deepen and accelerate the benefits of your practice, provide new challenges and insights as well as expand your knowledge of the Franklin Method. Franklin Method workshops are an excellent addition to your regular workouts. 

2 Hours
Happy Feet Workshop coming Fall 2019

BP Classical Pilates workshop

Each workshop focuses on a specific theme or topic intended to deepen and accelerate the benefits of your practice, provide new challenges and insights as well as expand your knowledge of Pilates. BP Workshops are an excellent addition to your regular workouts.

2 Hours
Spice Up Your Matwork - Fall 2019

“I’ve been working with Noam over Skype. I was initially skeptical that this would be workable but it has in fact been great: Noam has been giving me highly effective and demanding workouts. He has an amazing eye, and with just a few words of direction can transform a rote, empty movement into a challenging, whole-body exercise. He is especially skilled at tailoring the exercises to best address my body’s particular strengths and weaknesses.”
— Maximilian Parsons -New Zealand