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Noam Gagnon, with over thirty years of client focused instruction and teacher training, is the owner and creator of, as well as the driving force behind Beyond Pilates. Dedicated to the principles of expertise, empathy and trust, Beyond Pilates is the accumulation of a very long process and represents everything Noam has learned over his career as a dancer,choreographer and teacher.

Noam began studying the Pilates Method in 1987 and after an intensive 1600+ hours of training received his first teaching certification in 2003 from the The Pilates Center of Boulder Colorado, North America's leading Pilates teacher training programme. Noam's years of experience in the Pilates Method, combined with his experience in dance performing, teaching movement and choreography, prompted him to found Beyond Pilates in Vancouver, Canada in 2005.

His teacher training programme for Pilates instructors followed in 2006. Noam began studying the Franklin Method in 2011, graduating after a three year programme in 2015 as a Franklin Movement Educator Level 3. In 2016 Noam graduated from the year long Pilates Masters Program at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles,California where he studied with Jay Grimes, a first generation teacher who was taught by Joseph and Clara Pilates.

Noam Gagnon is an acclaimed dance artist who, over the course of his career, has helped lead Canadian dance to the forefront of the international stage. Artistic Director of Vision Impure, a satellite company of The Holy Body Tattoo, Noam has created work that has received both critical and audience acclaim in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. He has performed independently for many of Canada’s and Europe’s leading choreographers. Noam is an Associate Dance Artist of Canada’s National Arts Centre.

“I met Noam in 2003 and from our first conversation to our first session together, I knew he was committed to Pilates and to me and to working with me to get the most out of my body. His commitment, sincerity and humour know no bounds.”
— Christine Waterman Owner and Teacher of The Pilates Tree

Highly trained, caring, enthusiastic and dedicated to your health and wellness, Noam chose to become a teacher because he was profoundly affected by his own experience with the Classical Pilates method. Whether you are interested in a better integration of mind and body or rehabilitating after an illness or injury, Noam believes that Classical Pilates and or the Franklin Method can be key for you to meet your personal goals.

Continually striving to learn and then to meet your health and fitness needs,Noam’s principal goals are to empower all who come to his studio to be in control of their own health and well-being, and to provide a supportive atmosphere in which practitioners may grow, learn, change, be nurtured and guided in their process towards a happy, healthy, self-actualized life. The reciprocity of the learning process is a joint endeavour between instructor and student. Because it is his sincere objective to meet your personal needs, your thoughtful suggestions, ideas and input are encouraged and appreciated.

The mandate of Beyond Pilates is to integrate both a holistic understanding of the complex and delicate intricacies that bind the body and the mind with the teachings of Joseph Pilates, keeping alive his original method and philosophy, while concurrently advocating the benefits of the Franklin Method. Noam is committed to providing superior service in a courteous, friendly manner: from convenient, flexible scheduling, to prompt attendance to phone calls and messages, with time and care given to your special, individual needs.

Beyond Pilates uses GRATZ equipment.

“No word of a lie, Noam and Beyond Pilates have changed my life. They helped me heal a chronic injury that was limiting my activity and bringing me down. I feel better and look way better!”
— Michelle Grady