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Noam is the owner and creator of Beyond Pilates. He has 20 years of client focus instruction as well as teach trainer.

Noam began studying the Pilates Method in 1987 and after an intensive 1600+ hours of training received his first teaching certification in 2003 from the The Pilates Center of Boulder Colorado, North America's leading Pilates teacher training programme. Noam's years of experience in the Pilates Method, combined with his experience in dance performing, teaching movement and choreography, prompted him to found Beyond Pilates in Vancouver, Canada in 2005.

His teacher training programme followed in 2006. Noam began studying the Franklin Method in 2011, graduating after a three year programme in 2015 as a Franklin Movement Educator Level 3.

In 2016 Noam graduated from the yearlong Pilates Masters Program at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles California where he studied with Jay Grimes, a first generation teacher who was taught by Joseph and Clara Pilates.

I have been working with Noam for 5 years professionally (I am a physiotherapist) and 3 years personally. I had a severe neck injury three years ago that left me with significant physical limitations. Even walking was an effort. Without Noams’ knowledge, guidance and care, I would not have been able to do the Terry Fox run with my kids this year. I am not just stronger, but my spinal pain has also significantly improved.
Thanks Noam!
— Kerry Maxwell Owner of Burrard Physiothepary Clnic