Teacher Training


The BP Teacher Training program

Our program is divided into two basic components -- Theory and Practical. Each component informs the other. Under the close guidance and mentorship of senior BP instructors, you will gain a cumulative understanding of the Pilates Method. A gradual progression in complexity will help you build a significant body of knowledge, which you will then put into practice in the studio. Our goal is to create skilled and confident practitioners, who can inspire their clients with the exercises and the philosophy based on the original Pilates Method.


The program comprises almost 900 hours of instruction, practice, and rigorous training.

Here is a detailed breakdown of those hours:


      • 1-2 hour interview/evaluation


      • 120 hours (60 hours of instruction in Spring, and 60 hours in Fall)

      • 35 hours Winter Intensive


      • 250 hours teaching with practice clients

Graduation requirements

      • 200 hours observing certified instructors

      • 100 hours personal practice

      • 100 hours privates and classes (taking lessons from a certified


      • 50 hours miscellaneous

      • 4-5 hours of advisor meetings

      • 4 hours teaching clinics (Each clinic will focus on a particular teaching skill – such as partnering, voice, or touch. Apprentices will have the chance to put newly-learned instructional skills into practice)

      • 10 hours of exams.


Important to note      

To meet your required hours within the time frame, you should dedicate an average of 20 hours a week toward your Pilates training.

You have one year to complete these requirements. If you are an out-of-town apprentice, you have 14 months. If you do not complete within this time frame, you may purchase an extension.  

Extensions are for four months, and include the use of BP for teaching, observation as well as group classes and apprentice rates for privates.

There is also an option of going “on hold” one time during the course, for up to one year. During the “hold” practical hours will not be included and apprenticeship benefits cease.


Interested? Contact Noam for info on the next teacher training session 

“Noam draws from a deep body of knowledge to collaborate with his clients and connect to their somatic needs. He works to give students a sense of ownership and trust in their own practice, and his personal touch and humour go a long way towards making the work a joyful challenge.”
— Thrasso Petras- Actor-Director and Movement coach